Board Games Turned Casino Games

Board Games Turned Casino Games

There are a lot of board games that have been converted to casino-style gambling games, making for both an engaging experience and potentially addictive play.

Monopoly has long been one of the most beloved board games to be converted into an IGT slot machine game, with 5 reels, 30 paylines, and an incredible progressive jackpot.

Monopoly Plus

Monopoly, the renowned property accumulation board game, has now been transformed into an online casino experience with The Monopoly Casino. Here, players can experience games such as 90-ball bingo and 75-ball bingo as well as various community games with simple controls that offer high progressive jackpots.

Additionally, players can find IGT-designed Monopoly Plus slot machines at the site. These slots offer low variance gameplay that is exciting. Furthermore, each game features iconic properties and spaces from Monopoly such as Free Parking and MR. MONOPOLY to enhance an authentic casino online experience. In addition, Monopoly offers various bonuses such as Board Bonus, Property Bonus Chance cards and Community Chest cards which make playing this classic casino online game all the more engaging.

Cluedo – Who Won It?

Cluedo is an award-winning board game about crime sleuthing deduction. Players attempt to identify who committed the act, where it took place and with what weapon. Players move around the board making suggestions regarding this case with their opponents.

The game board of Clue features rooms inside a mansion connected by hallways. Each player begins the game by selecting one of six characters and collecting their corresponding miniature. There are six weapons and nine rooms included as part of this set as well. Players then must separate 21 black Clue cards by type – weapon, suspect and room; guessing any combination correctly wins the game!

Hogarth (a butler) and Black Dog, an aggressive black canine who blocks spaces, are other non-player characters included with this game. A solution envelope, notepad and dice are also provided with this set.

Dungeons and Dragons – Fortress of Fortune

Dungeons and Dragons is an increasingly popular fantasy role playing game among children. It helps children develop problem-solving and teamwork skills while giving them a chance to explore a whole new world with made-up characters.

This video slot machine, inspired by a popular tabletop game, will appeal to anyone who loves fantasy role-playing. Its graphics and sound effects will captivate players while its tumbling reels feature increases chances of victory for every player.

Dungeons and Dragons Fortress of Fortune offers more than the standard five reels and 20 paylines, giving players a chance to earn many free spins simply by rolling polyhedron dice. The more polyhedron dice that are rolled, the higher your chance is of receiving free spins with multipliers attached!

Las Vegas

There are a handful of board games that have been converted to casino-like affairs, such as Casino The Board Game and Vegas Showdown. Both these titles take place in Sin City and allow players to experience various casino games like slots, craps, poker and blackjack.

Cluedo, another beloved board game transformed into a slot machine by IGT, features five reels with a mystery theme and a bonus level where players can select a suspect and weapon from an interactive screen.

Though board games haven’t enjoyed as much renown this century as in previous ones, plenty of people still take pleasure in them with friends and family – while for those looking for casino-based solutions there are several online casinos which feature board game-themed slot machines.

Lords of Vegas

Lords of Vegas challenges players to create casinos along the Las Vegas Strip. Players may purchase and sell property, gamble in other players’ casinos and improve their own, all for points accumulated during gameplay. Whoever amasses the highest number of points wins.

The game board displays a bird’s-eye view of The Strip with lots marked for development. Each lot comes with a price and color indicator corresponding to their starting level of development; every turn, players draw cards representing new lots they acquire as well as information regarding built casinos in that color that may bring both money and victory points for themselves and their opponents.

Lords of Vegas is an exhilarating push your luck game that will have everyone on the table cheering in delight or grimacing in disappointment as they roll the dice. Now supporting up to 6 players with updated money, cards, tray and more included!

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