BC.GAME’s New Face – David Luiz

BC.GAME’s New Face – David Luiz

David Luiz, a professional Brazilian football player, has hopped on cryptocurrency wagering through collaboration with BC.GAME. Fans are also as much excited as sports bettors now that David Luiz has opened interaction and streaming exclusively for the platform. It is a new and exciting era for BC.GAME, especially with the new brand ambassador.

David Luiz as the New Face

BC.GAME warmly welcomed David Luiz as a brand ambassador not just for his football excellence but also for his undying charisma and openness in crypto. Brazilian audiences also feel excited about the collaboration that no one actually expected. As sports bettors and investors in Brazil grow, it’s only natural for BC.GAME to open doors of opportunities.

David Luiz will not only support BC.GAME by communicating on his social media but also sets the time for a scheduled stream in an application called Twitch. For BC.GAME, this partnership will make the scope larger audience for global sports betting such as FIFA World Cup 2022.

New Face Equals New Possibilities

Players may look forward to many events that will be formulated and served through BC.GAME seamless platform. That means more promos, more investors, and, therefore, a larger community where you can interact, gain profit, and enjoy leisurely as you like. David Luiz is the new face and new start for BC.GAME to collaborate with more sports players in the future.

Virtual sports and casinos in BC.GAME will become more penetrating in the Brazilian market. Also, there are possibilities for more grandiose sports betting, tech advancements, and crypto mass adaption. A new face equals new possibilities, not only BC.GAME and David Luiz will benefit, but it’s a more open opportunity for players.

About David Luiz

David Luiz is a history of Brazil itself for being a professional football player in a team called Flamengo. He’s always described as a strong center-back and an unbeatable midfielder. He is looked up to by other football players and respected by the sports community. Now, he’s the new face of BC.GAME.


BC.GAME is a dominating crypto platform where users can play, invest, buy and enjoy as they like. They recently launched a successful event where they gave away jaw-dropping prizes and pool money for sports betting. Now, BC.GAME has set high standards against other platforms and is willing to compete to remain on top.